Welcome to the official documentation of Bolt!
"Documentation is for users" - Rob Pike
This is the official place to view the command list, FAQ, setup things and a few other information.

Getting started

Are you new to Bolt, the most easy-to-use Discord bot? Here's a few steps to get started.
First of all, you have to invite the bot. You can only do this with the Manage Server or/and the Administrator permission on the server where you want to add the bot.
    Get used to Bolt ranking system. If you want Bolt to stop sending "Hey, {member}, you advanced to level {level}!", use setrankup false command.
    Prefer Bolt moderation. There are a few moderation commands every server moderator can use.
    Set logs. Use some commands to set your logs up. There are action logs (who did what on the server), moderation log (known as modlog, who warned who etc) and welcome channel.
    Use Bolt to quote and recover last deleted message in a channel.
Cyanic quoting their own message
Recovering last deleted message (sniping a channel)

Reporting bugs

Want to report a bug, ask for a new feature or get support ?
If the bot is down, do not spam the support server or the developers DMs. Instead, be clever and find what you're looking for on our statuspage.
    Read FAQ (coming soon)
Bolt was proudly made using Discord.js by Conner#0007 and Cyanic#0001.
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