Setup Bolt
Here's how to set Bolt up properly for your server.
You need Administrator permissions for most commands. However, it is not required for language setting.


The action log feature will log nearly all actions that take place in the server into a channel. Use the command below to set these logs up.
setaction [#channel]

Auto Nickname

In french : Surnoms automatiques.
The auto nickname system is based on the dehoist command. It verifies the username of all new members. If it includes a special character at the beginning, Bolt set a Dehoist! nickname for the user. The same goes for users that put an invite link in their username.
List of characters triggering Auto Nickname : [', &, xX, ?, !, [ ], ( ), ", ,, \, /, . and xx]. is also a trigger.
Be sure Bolt has Manage Nicknames permissions and its role to be above Members role.
Now you've learnt everything about Auto Nickname, use this command to set it up.
setdehoist [true/on/false/off]
Here is what the member join log looks like. The Auto Nickname is turned off.


The default language is French. Not everyone speak french. As of now, there are 2 languages : English (UK) and French (France).
    setlang en to set the bot language to english.
    setlang fr to set the bot language to baguette.
You do not need Administrator permission.

Moderation logs

Also known as modlogs, a log will be created in the channel whenever a new moderation action takes place. It can be any of the command under "Moderation" tab.
setmodlog [#channel]


Do you want to change the prefix of the bot? Do you have more than 1 bot using the default b! prefix? Let's change it!
Don't select a difficult prefix too, it must be simple and memorable.
setprefix [prefix]

Rank announcement

Bolt announces the "You reached a new level!" text by default. If you don't want these messages, simply disable them. It will not disable the level system for your server, only the new level announcements.
Use true to enable them, falseto disable them. Easy, eh?
setrankup [false/true]

Welcome messages

Say hello to new users in an automated way. Say hello the Bolt way.
setwelcome [channel]
If you have an action log set up, the member joins event will be logged in that channel.
Did you know Bolt can send random welcome messages? When a member joins, the bolt will say different things if you enable this feature.
setrandomwcm [true/false]
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